Giving Away My Penguin

Hey there,

Im giving away my penguin “Bateryx23” and it has alot of rare items, also his membership will expire in 2/9/08 and if u want my penguin, E-mail me to

And well who ever e-mails me first gets my penguin.


Waddle on? O.o


SPADE SAYS: I won’t let you give your penguin up so I erased your Email!


November 22, 2007 at 3:30 pm 1 comment

Deleting blog.

Well I’m deleting my blog, because it sucks, and nobody goes here.

Well this is the last time u can contact me.

Msn messanger Or hotmail. E-mail:

Yahoo(Not messanger.) E-mail:

In other news I quit club penguin,to because im already old enough to play this boring game. 



November 1, 2007 at 9:55 pm 4 comments

News Papa!

Hey everyone,
The newspaper came out today and this is what it says:
They tell us what to expect in the Halloween Party.
We can vote whether we want the wigs to stay or not.
The featured game is Ice Fishing.
The halloween party starts tommorow! (Another free item D )
The winners are announced in the Costume Contest.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Yearbook and Coins.
The secret shows us how to find the Mine Shack.
There are the usual jokes,riddles,poems and comics.

Upcoming Events:
Oct 26:
>> Halloween Party
– Dress up in your favourite costumes
>> New pin hidden

Nov 2:
>> Clothing catalog

Nov 9:
>> New pin hidden

Nov 16:
>> New furniture catalog

Thats all folks!

Waddle on!


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2nd Anniversary!!!!

Hey everyone,

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of Club Penguin. And there is a big party at all servers at the coffee shop.This is how that Coffe shop looks:


*click To see it better!*

In other news, There is Some free hats located at the book room which is upstairs on the coffee shop.


 *click to see it better!*

And this is how my awesome rare penguin looks like:


Thats all i can say for now.

Waddle on!


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Halloween Forniture catalog

Hey everyone, 

The furniture catalog has come out and this has everything you need to know about it:

New items:
Puffle pumpkin (250, Old item)
Cauldron (630, Old item)
Spiderweb (75,Old item)
Tombstone (300,Old item)
Happy Jack-o-lantern (250, Old item)
Goofy Jack-o-lantern (250)
Sad Jack-o-lantern (250)
Silly Jack-o-lantern (250)
Candelabra (650, Secret item)
Pipe Organ (4500, Secret item)

1. To get the Candelabra click the fire pit.
2. To get the Pipe organ click the Upright piano.
3. To get the Concert Lights click the Home Stereo.

Waddle on!


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News paper.

Hey every one,
The newspaper came out today and heres whats inside:
Mysterious shadows have been discovered in the skies above Club Penguin.
Another reminder of the Halloween Party starting next friday on October 26.
Advertisement for the 2nd Anniversary Party next wednesday on October 24.
The winners of the 2nd Costume Contest are shown.
The 3rd Costume Contest begins tommorow!
The featured game is Ice Hockey. Tommarow, Ice Fishing and Puffle Roundup will be updated.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about the Silver Surfboard and Club Penguin changes.
The secret this week is about Fred the Cuckoo Clock.

Upcoming events:
Oct 19:
>>Coin earnings doubled
– Ice Fishing and Puffle Roundup
>>Furniture catalog release
– Decorate for Halloween!
>>New igloo catalog

Oct 24:
>>2-year Anniversary Party
– One day only!
– In the Coffee Shop!

Oct 26:
>>Halloween Party
>>New pin hidden

Well thats all folks!

Waddle on!


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Halloween Sneek Peek.

Hey everyone,

The sneek peek of today is:


And this is what they said…

“Hello Penguins!

As you know we are quickly approaching two of the biggest parties of the year! The Club Penguin Anniversary Party takes place on October 24th which is the day it first launched. That party will only be for one day, so you won’t want to miss it. Just a few days later, the Halloween Party starts and it is going to be sweet! Just check out the cool picture I got!

In order to help you get ready, we’ll be launching the special Halloween Igloo Furniture Catalog with all of your favorite decorations from last year and a few new ones! We’ll also be launching a special Halloween Igloo that many of you have been asking for!”

Waddle on!


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